For Him

    Enigmatic, stealthy, enticing. Hombre Araña (Spider-Man) comes to rule the world.

    If you had a superpower, would you know how to control it?

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    Choose an option
    10 US | 44 EU
    11 US | 45 EU
    12 US | 46 EU
    8 US | 41 EU
    8.5 US | 42 EU
    9 US | 42.5 EU
    9.5 US | 43 EU
    • Sneakers are made using natural leather.
    • Printed using UV digital printing.
    • With upper, interior, insole and TR base, sewn and glued.
    • Scatola stitching. Thermoplastic toe cap and buttress.
    Weight N/A
    Dimensions N/A

    10 US | 44 EU, 11 US | 45 EU, 12 US | 46 EU, 8 US | 41 EU, 8.5 US | 42 EU, 9 US | 42.5 EU, 9.5 US | 43 EU

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